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M1 Software

The M1 Software has been designed specifically for the small to medium manufacturing or distribution company. It’s an ideal ERP solution for organisation’s who need a system to be affordable, with cost efficient implementation costs, extemely user friendly, simple to use and fast.

M1 is a powerful, Windows-based, client/server application, designed for small and medium sized job shops, custom manufacturers and mixed mode manufacturers. M1 is written in Visual Basic, a powerful graphical development environment, and the industry standard Microsoft SQL ServerTM

M1 has the most advanced productivity and management tools you will see in an ERP system. These tools will increase your efficiency by providing access points to the information you require. Use of graphs, calendars, explorers, wizards and other shortcuts will mean you can locate answers to your questions in seconds. Every module within the M1 product comes with Graphs, calendars and explorers.

More About M1

Activity Graphs are available in every module. These bar graphs and pie charts display the transaction activity over a specified time period. Click on a bar to drill down into the transactions involved.

Activity Calendars provide a visual overview of the value and number of transactions created on each day of the selected month. Drill into the transactions for more detail. The Cash Flow Calendar provides an instant view of the receivables and payables activity in each month.

A series of Explorers are used to locate all transactions for the selected record and Explorers are available in all modules.

Advisers answer common questions relating to the cost and suppliers for purchased parts, and the price and customer details for manufactured parts. Double-click on a search to gain access to the transactions. You can also customise access to the searches.

The wizards are used in purchasing, job management and raising customer invoices. You simply use one screen to create multiple purchase orders. Jobs and invoices are managed in the same manner.

Price and availability tool is used to provide the customer with the price & availability of a part. You can see at a glance the quantity on hand, quantity in production and quantity on order for a selected part. This utility will also advise you of the price options available for that customer, and from the same screen, create a quote or an order.

On the Start-Page on M1 there are a series of pre-defined key performance indicators (KPI’s) providing a snap-shot view of your business. These automatically refresh with the latest information and provide unlimited drill-down.

It is essential that any system used today has a sophisticated and simple to use help system if true user productivity is to be achieved. The learning process never stops as users find new ways to improve their productivity and new product enhancements are delivered.

M1 delivers a help system that is context sensitive and takes the user immediately to the help page that directly relates to their need. M1 does not force you to a list of possible pages that the user must then open and search to find just what they want.

With the M1 help system, users can rapidly achieve full productivity and maintain that skill level into the future.

System usability has one of the biggest impacts on a company’s productivity after implementing a new computer system of any kind, whether this is a simple word-processor or a full business management system such as M1. When M1 was developed, ECi Software Solutions understood this simple concept and built a level of system usability and context sensitive help that other ERP systems envy.

When logging into their system for the day, users are welcomed by their “Start Page” which provides rapid executive information that has been tailored to both the company and their own personal choice. The company system administrator can easily setup each user so that they only have access and see those modules of the M1 product that they require. The user can then tailor their “Start Page” to suit their particular style of operation, furthering their productivity.