Bowen & Groves, the creator of M1, was originally established in 1992 with the specific focus to provide quality software business solutions to the manufacturing & distribution Industries. Bowen & Groves achieved an exemplary growth rate for each year of operation and gained a reputation for excellence in customer support and professional service.

With a high level of customer interest and acceptance of B&G’s World Class product, B&G continually expanded their operations. They built independent offices in Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada.

ECi Software Solutions is a leading provider of "best in industry" business management and e-commerce systems software for growing and midsize companies.

ECi specializes in growth–empowering software solutions for micro-niche vertical businesses for more than 30 years.

ECi's solutions are known for a combination of technological innovation, top-ranked customer support and business consultancy that fuel the expansion and efficiency of every aspect of companies' operations in the office products, furniture, equipment, lumber/building materials, hardware, janitorial/sanitation, retail and distribution industries.

Emercomm's mission is to provide organizations with services that assist them to become "Lean" and more competitive. We accomplish this by helping them identify and remove the chaos from their business and operational processes.

Lean benefits include:

  • Delighted customers that want to come back for more
  • Increased profitability by reducing unnecessary cost and time in your business cycles
  • Staff who are enabled to get the job done with less effort increasing productivity and morale

Click here for some information regarding Emercomm’s Management In Control Human Resource Process Management

Easylease is a Canadian-based company dedicated to offering equipment leasing solutions, creatively structured and quickly executed to best meet the needs of our varied client base.

Easylease are dedicated to assisting our customers maximize their profit potential by applying creative financing solutions to allow them to keep pace with the speed of technology, in order to achieve greater growth potential, create significantly higher levels of customer satisfaction, reduce operating costs, and/or increase sales and market share.

From e-business tools to simplify and speed up the financing process, to our comprehensive leasing force, which combines the unique credit interest of multiple funders to offer unprecedented flexibility and service, Easylease’s team of talented financing professionals has the experience to make your business more competitive.